WordPress 3.6 Release Candidate Set to Come Out Tomorrow

WordPress 3.6 Release Candidate Set to Come Out Tomorrow

The elusive WordPress update we’ve been waiting months to see has inched a little closer to release.

According to lead core developer Mark Jaquith, we can expect a release candidate by tomorrow.

WordPress lead core developer Mark Jaquith
WordPress lead core developer Mark Jaquith at WordCamp Orlando 2011.

In a post at Make WordPress Core, Jaquith says the pesky Post Formats UI that has held up the release of the long awaited version 3.6 has been extracted. He says revisions in the latest release have also been given an “intense” refactoring, allowing users to scale up to hundreds of versions without killing your server or browser.

“A backlog of many hundreds of tickets has been whittled down. As of this writing, we’re below 40 tickets for 3.6, and they’re actively being committed and punted as appropriate,” Jaquith says.

“The plan is to keep on those tickets and get to RC by Friday.

“Help is appreciated! A bunch of people have been ‘pinged’ regarding tickets on report/6, so please scan through those and log on to IRC to check for messages.”

Post formats
The shiny new Post Formats UI was supposed to be a major feature of WordPress 3.6.

Last month Andrew Nacin, another lead core developer, told members of a developer chat WordPress 3.6 would be shipped “when it’s done” and “there is, very simply, still work to do.”

The new Post Formats UI was originally set to be a major feature of 3.6 but work on it was taking too long, prompting Jaquith to announce in May there was a “fundamental issue with the concept” and the release of 3.6 “can’t be held up any longer for this. It needs to come out.”

The UI has subsequently been stripped from the core and will live as a plugin – and will possibly be touted as the major feature of WordPress 3.7.

Are you still hanging out for the latest release or sick of hearing about it? Tell us in the comments below.

Image credits: Titanashyku

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