WordPress ‘diff’ plugin for Post changes

WordPress ‘diff’ plugin for Post changes

Email Post Changes is one of my favorite utility plugins. I think it should be activated for all WordPress installations.

It’s one of the plugins Automattic contributes to. The plugin description is straight-forward:

Each time a change is made to a post or page, those changes are emailed to the users and email addresses you specify.

Optionally, you can set what types of changes to email (post changes, page changes, attachment changes, or changes to any other ‘post type’ defined by any other plugin).

The changes are emailed as a unified diff. If the email client supports HTML emails, the diff will be colorized.

Its installation instructions are simple:

After uploading and activating the plugin, go to Settings -> Email Post Changes to set up the plugin.

You can change what email addresses to use and for what post types you want change notifications.

I couldn’t have said it better myself so here’s a screenshot of the plugin’s wp-admin settings page:

WP-Admin settings for "Email Post Changes" plugin
The wp-admin settings, customizable but simple. Just check the box for each user and/or enter any email address you want.

As the plugin’s name states, it emails post changes but doesn’t email new posts (since there’s nothing to diff against). Important note: For the same reason, it also doesn’t email if you have post revisions turned off.

WordPress 'diff' email for post changes
Screenshot of the email that comes from the plugin

This plugin’s a no-brainer. Whether you are a single blogger or one of many users, just activate it.

2nd Reminder: Only works if post revisions are enabled.

I hope you’re not red-green color blind; you’ll miss the pretty colors.