Quick Keyboard Shortcuts for Your WordPress Site

Quick Keyboard Shortcuts for Your WordPress Site

Quick Keyboard Shortcuts for Your WordPress SiteI love shortcuts.

I love it when things are quicker and easier – especially when they are things that you do over and over again, on a daily basis. Like navigating through your WordPress blog.

So when I see a plugin that claims to be “all about getting around WordPress quickly”, I’m more than willing to take a closer look. Teleport is one such plugin.

Two Stroke Transport

Teleport operates on the basis that you should be able to access key parts of your site’s admin area with just two keystrokes – one to open up the the “Teleporter”, and another to select one of the shortcut options from the Teleporter. Check out this video to see what I mean:

As you can probably gather, the Teleporter can only be activated from the site’s front end itself – not within the admin area. But despite that limitation, it offers you a quick and easy way to get to some key sections:

  • e – (Edit) Edit current post/page
  • d – (Dashboard) Redirects to the Dashboard
  • s – (Settings) Redirects to the Settings page
  • a – (Archive) Redirects to Posts/Pages/Custom Post Types
  • q – (Quit) Logs the current user out
  • w – Pressing this a second time will close the Teleporter
  • esc – Closes the Teleporter

I think that this plugin offers a lot of promise. Whilst its existing functionality is handy, it could do so much more. Two things I would like to see are:

  1. Usability within the admin area
  2. Customization settings, so that you can set your own shortcuts and destinations

Nonetheless, it’s a good start for what is a brand new plugin.

Download Teleport here.

Creative Commons image courtesy of orsorama