The Best WordPress Pop-Up Plugin, Now With New Security Options

The Best WordPress Pop-Up Plugin, Now With New Security Options

The best WordPress opt in plugin just keeps getting better. Improve your hustle with the latest features of Hustle!

The new security features covered in this blog post are included with the free version of Hustle, but you get a lot more with Hustle Pro 4 in the Pro version. If you’re not already a member, check out our free trial (100% risk-free) and get full access to all of our WordPress plugins.

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Ok, enough chit-chat. It’s time to Hustle.

What Is Hustle?

Hustle WordPress marketing plugin
Get more subscribers, leads, and customers using Hustle’s slick and sassy marketing tools.

Hustle is not only the best free WordPress opt in plugin…

Or the best free WordPress GDPR plugin…

Or the best WordPress pop-up plugin…

It’s all the above, plus more!

Hustle is WPMU DEV’s super easy, super slick email opt-in and marketing plugin that turns your visitors into loyal subscribers, leads, and customers using email opt-ins, slide-ins, pop-ups, and social sharing to grow your business.

More Hustle, Less Hassle

The introduction of GDPR compliance regulations in 2018 means that all businesses now need to check how they handle information areas like user privacy and data protection. It also means that their websites have to comply with security and protection measures, providing measures and give users not only with access to information about how their data is being used, but also the data itself upon request.

For businesses, website owners, and website developers implementing GDPR regulations,  and ensuring that user security, privacy, and data requirements are met can be a hassle. We know this because our plugin users and members tell us so, and we do our best to listen.

So, how do Hustle’s new features help halve the hassle? Let’s find out.

More Muscle, Safer Hustle

Hustle 4 offers new features, integrations, and WordPress pop-up plugin security options for handling personal data and user privacy on your WordPress site.

Here is some of the new razzle-dazzle you’ll find under the hood:

GDPR Compliance Integrations With More Email Services

Hustle email integrations
Hustle has improved email integrations for better GDPR data handling.

Email companies need to integrate better GDPR-related processes into their services. Hustle takes the hassle out of doing this by letting you configure various data handling options directly through our integration settings.

GDPR Compliance With Sendy Integration

Sendy is a self-hosted email newsletter application that lets you send trackable emails via Amazon Simple Email Service (SES).

In response to a user request posted in the support forum by @thebeefchief, we have updated Hustle to include the GDPR tag in the information sent to Sendy, so users can be marked as GDPR compliant.

If you use Sendy and have either the free Hustle plugin or the WPMU DEV Dashboard installed on your WordPress site, all you have to do is navigate to the Hustle > Integrations menu, click on the ‘Add Integration’ button, and configure Sendy to get your API Key and list ID, and you’re all good to go.

Hustle plugin dashboard, Sendy integration button.
Configuring Sendy in your list of Hustle integrations is easy.

Set MailChimp GDPR Fields from Hustle

We’ve also made improvements to Hustle’s integration with MailChimp.

With Hustle, you can look up the interest groups on a MailChimp list and add people to that group. Now, you can also set the marketing preferences for MailChimp’s GDPR options and email consent.

Store or Sync Consent in Active Campaign

When a HelpScout user posted a question asking if it was possible to sync or store the reply from the GDPR option in Hustle to ActiveCampaign, we caught wind of the conversation and added it to Hustle 4 as a new feature. So, yes ActiveCampaign users — you can do that now!

WPMU DEV Hustle character
User data and privacy concerns? Hustle’ll help ya!

New Data And Privacy Options And Settings

In addition to Hustle’s new integrations, we’ve also improved the way you control your stored data options and privacy settings.

Anonymize GDPR Data Tracking Periodically

We have added an option to anonymize the stored GDPR data periodically for submissions (local list entries) and tracking (views and conversions) under Hustle -> Settings -> Viewer’s privacy.

Anonymize stored GDPR data periodically with Hustle.

Uninstall & Reset Plugin Options

What happens to data and settings if you temporarily lose your mind and decide to uninstall Hustle?

Hustle now lets you decide what to do with stored data and settings when you uninstall the plugin. It also gives you the option of resetting the plugin to its default state. Just go to the Settings > Data screen under your site’s Hustle menu, set your preferences and save your settings…done!

Hustle plugin settings - data screen
Hustle Settings > Data screen.

Handling Account Erasure Requests

We have added a new option to remove entries when performing account erasure requests under Settings > Viewer’s Privacy > Submissions Privacy.  You can now specify whether to keep or remove email addresses from submissions. Your preferences will be followed when processing account erasure requests in the Tools > Erase Personal Data screen.

Hustle now lets you easily erase users' personal data.

Why Bustle When You Can Hustle?

The introduction of GDPR regulations means that some businesses may now have to spend more time bustling around, dealing with issues of compliance. While obviously important, it also takes you away from growing your business.  instead of growing their business.

Hopefully, these shiny new Hustle features will save you time and cut the hassle of dealing with GDPR data and privacy compliance.

The More You Fuss And Cuss, The More We Improve The Huss

Our team of superheroes are always hard at work improving our plugins. Huge thanks to Designer Mukul Chawla, Developer Danae Millan, and QA Bal Krishna Mishra for hustling the Hustle.

Uh, we mean… doing a thorough and speedy job, of course!

Check out our Roadmap to see what’s coming up around the corner, and tell us what else you’d like Hustle to rustle up for you in the comments below.