Another WordPress Question From Our Readers – We Need Your Help!

Another WordPress Question From Our Readers – We Need Your Help!

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Can you answer this WordPress Question from our WPMU readers?
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Today’s WordPress Question

This stickler was sent to us from a WPMU reader by the name of Ayub:

I’ve upgraded from WordPress 3.2.1 to WordPress 3.3, and found that all my categories, custom post types and posts are showing a 404 error, whereas my pages and queries are working fine.

This is my custom permalink setting: (“/%year%/%category%/%postname%.html”)

I tried changing the permalink setting to the other options that are provided. When I excluded the category from the permalink structure, like this: (“/%year%/%postname%.html”), this fixed the problem for my posts.

But categories and custom post types are still showing the 404 error.

Can anyone suggest a way to fix this problem?


Can you help Ayub out with this one?

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