WordPress Question Of The Day – Can You Answer It?

WordPress Question Of The Day – Can You Answer It?

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Ask a WordPress Question and win a WPMU DEV membershipHeard the news? We’re running a WordPress Question Competition this week – giving you the chance to solve your WordPress problems AND win a three month membership at WPMU DEV, valued at $159.

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Today’s WordPress Question Of The Day

This was submitted yesterday by a WPMU reader named Alejandro. (Congratulations buddy – 3 months of WPMU DEV goodness coming your way).

I’m a WordPress designer, and looking for a way to simplify my workflow. I have a standard set of plugins, tweaks and adjustments that I use on every WordPress site I build.

Is it possible to export all of these as a package that I can use as my default WordPress setup, rather than doing the same installations and tweaks every time I make a new site?

Installing the same plugins and making the same adjustments on every site is very time consuming, and I would like to be able to streamline this process.

– Alejandro

Who can answer Alejandro’s question?

The floor is open – if you know a way to solve this issue then please leave us a comment below this article. We’re looking for some clever responses from the best and brightest WordPress folk out there. If we can get a few different solutions, that’s even better.

Remember to submit your own WordPress question and get involved in the competition – we’re giving away a WPMU DEV membership every day this week.

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