99 Incredible WordPress Stats and Facts

99 Incredible WordPress Stats and Facts

WordPress has come a long way since it first launched back in 2003. It’s now the most popular content management system and has become a dominant force online, now powering 28.6% of all websites.

What follows is a huge round-up of some of the most interesting stats and facts about WordPress divided into the following categories:

General WordPress Stats and Facts

Here are some general WordPress stats regarding usage, WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg’s company Automattic, which runs WordPress.com, and other quirks:

#1. WordPress was first released in 2003. It’s now 15 years old. – WordPress.org

#2. Only 39% of WordPress websites are running the most current version of the software (4.8). – WordPress.org

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#3. Major core updates of WordPress are released about every 152 days on the average. – CodeinWP

#4. There are a total of 98 versions of WordPress that have been released to date. – ManageWP

#5. WordPress.com (and self-hosted WordPress websites running Jetpack) get an average 22,000,000,000+ pageviews per month, and growing. – WordPress.com

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#6. The same websites post an average 80,000,000 blogs and counting…

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#7. …with 40,000,000+ legit comments on average per month.

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#8. WordPress tracks the embeds of partner services like Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, and more. – WordPress.com

#9. Christine Selleck Tremoulet was a friend of WordPress co-founder, Matt Mullenweg. She suggested the name “WordPress”, but no one seems to know where her inspiration for the name initially came from. – Propagandum

#10. WordPress took an estimated combined 127 people years to build, with an estimated project cost of $7,000,000+. – Black Duck Software

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#11. Anyone can edit or add to WordPress’s core code as it is classified as open-source software licensed until the GPL. – WordPress

#12. Nobody officially owns WordPress, though some companies claim ownership over certain elements of it. – Wikipedia

#13. Automattic employees 581 people who also work on a large number of projects besides WordPress. – Automattic

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#14. The WordPress software incorporates the programming languages PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, and CSS. – Wikipedia

#15. WordPress.com users produce about 76.3 million new posts and 42.7 million new comments each month. – WordPress.com

#16. WordPress.com posts receive an average 40,000,000+ legitimate comments per month. – WordPress.com

#17. There are 72 (and counting) translations available for WordPress. – WP Central

#18. English downloads are now officially surpassed by non-English downloads of WordPress software. – WordPress

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#19. The WordPress CMS powers 28.5% of all websites…

#20. …with a 59.4% market share of all known CMSes. – W3Techs

#21. People stopped showing up to the physical San Francisco Automattic office. So they closed it. – Quartz

#22. A number of Fortune 500 companies use WordPress. – WordPress.com

#23. WordPress sites make up 14.7% of the top 100 websites in the world. – WhoIsHostingThis.com

#24. EnableSecurity’s scan of Alexa’s Top 1,000,000 websites found that 41,106 websites were running WordPress (a little over 4% of these top websites). – Naked Security

#25. WordPress has been used to control a missile guidance system. – Dion Hulse, Lead Developer @ WordPress

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#26. WordPress gets more monthly unique visitors than Amazon, and the same as Facebook (but with 25x fewer people on staff). – CodeinWP

#27. WordPress can power a lot of different types of websites, including e-Commerce and membership sites. – WPMU DEV

#28. 50,000 WordPress.com websites are launched daily. – DMR

#29. The WordPress core code is missing a lot of functionality requested by users, including the ability to duplicate posts and pages, built-in site caching, built-in form builders, and custom user roles. – WordPress

The WordPress Community

#30. The WordPress community is made up of a diverse set of people, websites, and skillsets. These WordPress stats are all about the community behind the CMS:

#31. Automattic denied 40% of DMCA takedown notices in 2016. – Automattic

#32. There are so many ways to make money from WordPress: as a plugin/theme developer, hosting company, maintenance service, SEO agency, web design freelancer, and so much more. – WPMU DEV

#33. Some of the top print publications use WordPress as their online home, including Time, USA Today, and Fortune. – WordPress

#34. Celebrities like Beyoncé, Russell Brand, Kobe Bryant, and Sylvester Stalone all count themselves among the ranks of WordPress users. – Skilled

#35. WordPress is not only used by bloggers, businesses, and publications, but also educational institutions, and even governments. – WPMU DEV

#36. WordPress was the most requested job skill in the world in 2014. – Sketch Themes

#37. 25 percent of WordPress users make a full-time living off of the CMS. – Torque Mag

WordPress Events Around the World

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#38. The WordPress community helps to organize a number of events around the United States, and the world at large. The majority of these events are known as “WordCamps”, but there are additional niche events put on the community, and WordPress conferences put on by bigger companies.

#39. The first WordCamp event was organized by Matt Mullenweg in 2006. – WordCamp Central

#40. At the time of writing, there have been 751 WordCamp events to total…

#41. …in 69 cities..,

#42. …and 65 countries…

#43. …and 6 continents. – WordCamp Central

#44. Besides city-specific WordCamp events, there are a number of niche WordPress events that include WordPress for Publishers, WooConf, LoopConf, WP Campus, and A Day of REST. – Torque Mag

#45. All WordCamp organizers and speakers are unpaid volunteers—they’re really a labor of love. – WordCamp Central

#46. All WordCamp events are not-for-profit and aim to be accessible to all attendees with things like closed captioning and ticket scholarships available to attendees. – WordCamp Central

#47. WordCamp events are extremely economical—about $40 for two days of high-quality speakers and networking opportunities. – WordCamp Central

#48. If you miss a WordCamp event, you can catch session recordings for free on WordPress.tv – WordPress.tv

#49. WordCamp Europe 2017 had a record attendance with more than 1900 people from 79 countries. – WP Tavern

#50. There are 1,277+ meetup groups for WordPress all over the world. – Meetup

#51. Well-known companies in the WordPress space also organize their own WordPress conferences, including Publish by Post Status and PressNomics by Pagely.

WordPress Themes

#52. The WordPress community has created a number of free and paid themes for users to choose from, with options for purposes as varied as Pokemon Go news websites, and car repair shop websites. Though free themes don’t necessarily mean low quality, premium themes tend to be easier to customize out of the box, with more features and support for implementation. The following WordPress stats refer specifically to WordPress themes and their use:

#52. A custom WordPress website can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $100,000. – Post Status

#53. WordPress releases a new default theme every year, with a simple title representing that year (2015, 2016, etc.) – Elegant Themes

#54. The earliest default WordPress themes were known simply as “WordPress Classic” and “Default” (or Kubrick). – Elegant Themes

#55. The average premium theme costs $59. – CodeinWP

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#56. The average theme subscription membership (i.e. TeslaThemes, Themes Kingdom, etc.) charges an annual cost of $145 for access. – CodeinWP

#57. Genesis and Divi are the two most popular WordPress theme installations, with 10% of the market each. – Small Biz Trends

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#58. There are dozens of theme designers on the ThemeForest marketplace who have sold $1,000,000+ in themes through the platform. – Envato

#59. In fact, Envato’s total community earnings eclipsed $500 million in early 2017. – Envato

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#60. Divi has been translated into 32 languages and is used by over 400,000 customers. – Elegant Themes

#61. Based on reviews, the best free/responsive themes include Hestia, Shop Isle, Zerif Lite, Sydney, Parallax One. – CodeinWP

#62. To customize or modify an existing WordPress theme without losing the ability to upgrade that theme, child themes are often used. The concept of parent and child theme was formed to solve the issue of losing custom styling and changes made during theme upgrades. – WPMU DEV

#63. The first WYSIWYG editor for WordPress that easily used by technophobes to post content quickly and creatively was created by Shane Melaugh and Paul McCarthy – Thrive Themes.

#64. Gutenberg is a new WordPress editor that will ship with WordPress 5.0 – Ma.tt

WordPress Plugins

#65. WordPress plugins add additional functionality to an existing WordPress website. While some are considered essential for every website launch, others are pretty forgettable. Let reviews and fellow WordPress developers be your guide, in addition to the following related WordPress stats:

#66. There are over 50,000 WordPress plugins available to download with new ones added to the WordPress Plugin Directory on a daily basis. – WordPress.org

#67. Akismet and Jetpack are the most installed free plugins – WordPress.org

#68. Akismet catches 7,500,000 pieces of spam per hour. – Akismet

#69. Contact Form 7, Woocommerce, WordPress Importer, and All in One SEO Pack are the most popular non-standard WordPress plugins, each with 3 million active installations. – WordPress.org

#70. Hello Dolly is one of the most useless but iconic WordPress plugins. – ITXDesign

#71. Visual Composer and Slider Revolution are some of the best selling paid plugins. – Skilled

#72. Smush won Torque’s Plugin Madness competition this year and was named the best plugin in the WordPress Plugin Repository. – WPMU DEV

#73. Woocommerce (an Automattic eCommerce plugin) powers 41% of all online stores. – Built With

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#74. Woocommerce has been downloaded over 30 million times. – Woocommerce

#75. There are more than 400 Woocommerce extensions that people can use to customize Woocommerce, including things like payment processing, shipping, subscription. – WooCommerce

WordPress Security

#76. WordPress Security is a critical topic among website owners. With the increasing number of vulnerabilities and attacks that are happening every minute, anyone can be a victim of these breaches—both companies big and small. It is of utmost importance to pay attention to the latest security updates and practices to avoid being compromised by hackers. These WordPress stats will scare you into WordPress security compliance:

#77. 18 million WordPress users were compromised during the worst breach of WordPress security. – Skilled

#78. The iThemes Security plugin has had the most ironic security breach to date. – Post Status

#79. Each week, Google blacklists around 20,000 websites for malware and around 50,000 for phishing. – WebARX

#80. 73% of the 40,000 most popular websites that use the WordPress software are vulnerable to attack. – WP White Security

#81. 52% of reported WordPress security vulnerabilities relate to WordPress plugins. – KeyCDN

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#82. Around 4,000 WordPress websites have been infected with a type of malware that disguises itself as a search engine optimization plugin to attract unwary webmasters. – SC Magazine

#83. 8% of WordPress security breaches happen as the result of a weak password. – WP Smackdown

#84. Hackers attack WordPress sites both big and small, with over 90,978 attacks happening per minute. – Wordfence

#85. WordPress brute force attacks refer to the trial and error method of entering multiple username and password combinations over and over until a successful combination is discovered. – iThemes

#86. File inclusion exploits are one of the most common ways an attacker can gain access to your WordPress website’s wp-config.php file, one of the most important files in your WordPress installation. – Owasp

#87. 84% of all security vulnerabilities on the internet are the result of Cross-Site Scripting or XSS attacks. – Acunetix

#88. The four most common WordPress malware infections are Backdoors, Drive-by downloads, Pharma hacks, and Malicious redirects. – Smashing Magazine

#89. SQL injections occur when an attacker gains access to your WordPress database and to all of your website data. – Ahsay

#90. 39% of WordPress vulnerabilities are due to cross-site scripting (XSS). – iThemes

#91. The WPScan Vulnerability Database is an online browsable version of WPScan’s data files that are used to detect known WordPress core, plugins, and themes vulnerabilities. – Threat Post

#92. WPMU DEV’s Defender security plugin is available to download for free on WordPress.org, so there’s no excuse not to protect your WordPress website.

Miscellaneous WordPress Facts

For everything else that didn’t quite fit into the above categories, here are some final WordPress stats and facts for you:

#93. Wapuu is the unofficial mascot of WordPress, inspired by WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg’s trip to Japan. – Torque

#94. The WordPress Wiggle is the unofficial dance of the WordPress people. – YouTube

#95. There’s a Wapuu for every WordCamp event and several other special Wapuu. – Wapu.us

#96. Every major core update of WordPress is named after a famous Jazz musician (because WordPress developers like jazz). – WordPress.org

#97. WordPress.org and WordPress.com refer to two very different versions of the software, at least until WordPress.com released support for custom coding (in the past there were many customization limitations). – WPMU DEV

#98. WordPress VIP is a hosting solution for enterprise WordPress installations. – WordPress.com

#99. In order to run WordPress software, your web host must offer PHP version 7 or greater, MySQL version 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.0 or greater, as well as HTTPS.

WordPress has grown and evolved over time, but it’s safe to say that this CMS headed in the right direction, and may one day take over the internet!

Were there any WordPress stats or facts that we missed? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and we’ll update this space as necessary!
Aileen Javier
Aileen Javier A past writer for WPMU DEV