WPMU DEV – now with more LIVE

WPMU DEV – now with more LIVE

Hiya friends, quick announcement!

We’re working hard behind the scenes to bring some very exciting stuff to everyone, but we felt like it was time to go ahead and revamp our live chat schedule over on WPMU DEV in advance of these improvements.

What’s that? Live Chat?  Oh yeah, members at DEV can drop in during weekly, scheduled times and chat with a developer, designer, or member of our support staff.  It’s pretty fantastic – especially if ya get stuck and really want someone to walk you through a particular element.

So, yeah, it’s there and been around for quite some time actually, but as of next week we are really upping our game.  We’ve more than doubled the amount of live chat sessions we offer each week!  AND we’ve taken full advantage of our international team to provide times across many many times zones.

Check it out right here.  Oh, and we’ve now got a nice gcal embed which means you can quickly and easily add your favorite chat session to your own calendar and let google due the time zone math for ya :)

Come on over, have a chat with any of us.  We love hearing from members and discussing their current projects!