WPMU DEV Support Community is Now Better, Faster, Stronger and More Social

WPMU DEV Support Community is Now Better, Faster, Stronger and More Social

We’ve been revamping everything at WPMU DEV lately. The new design is more than just skin-deep – we’ve improved how everything works from the inside out. The new WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin not only puts support directly within your WordPress site, it also helps you get linked up with the WPMU DEV Community.

Here’s a quick tour of some of the new things in our community:

Improved Q&A for Quick, Comprehensive Support

Asking questions and getting help has been totally simplified with our new dedicated support page:

It’s easy to post a ticket through this quick form. Recent topics are shown on the Community page with color-coded categories:

New Like Functionality and Awards

We’ve added tons of fun new goodies to our support forums, including the ability to like individual posts. Liking a post gives you the chance to leave quick feedback without having to comment. It also credits the post itself, which is different from giving points to a user.

We have a lot of excellent folks who are members of WPMU DEV and many of them are very active and helpful within the community. Our members are getting a little more recognition with awards displayed under their avatars. When you hover over the icons a nice little box tells you what they mean, which is pretty cool.

Improved Navigation, Search and Plugin and Theme Ratings

Logged-in members now have a custom admin bar with easy links to Support, Plugins, Themes, Manuals, Videos and the Community:

Searching for plugins is easier than ever before, with built-in auto-suggestion:

You can also now rate our plugins and themes and leave a review, similar to how wordpress.org works. Check out how many times a plugin has been downloaded and view their average ratings – some pretty handy info when you’re browsing or purchasing plugins.

Expanded Daily Live Support Sessions

We are now running more than a dozen weekly live chat sessions where you’re welcome to chat directly to all of our developers, designers and support staff. This is a great way to get instant answers to your questions and valuable advice for your WordPress-powered projects.

We’ve cranked customer support to 11!

The high level of support you receive at WPMU DEV is made possible by our fantastic team of support professionals, which we’ve now expanded to six. We’ve also added more developers to help create and better support our plugins and themes. The support community has a great, friendly vibe and the staff are always ready to go above and beyond to help you solve your WordPress problems. We answer on average 1500 unique topics (questions) per month and about 7000 posts each month.

We hope you’re enjoying all the new WPMU DEV community features. It’s becoming a very fun place to hang out and talk about WordPress. Join us as a member and you’ll receive 24/7/365 Q&A support, daily live support sessions, and access to a bunch of helpful, friendly WordPress experts.