WPMU’s Best in WordPress – November 19th to November 25th

WPMU’s Best in WordPress – November 19th to November 25th

This week on Best in WordPress we bring you posts focused on admin functions and a few tips and tricks for web designer and developers. Of course, we’d never leave out the WordPress newbies, so we’ve also included a few posts about great plugins and a fantastic new jQuery slider.

1. Customizing the WordPress Admin Area for Clients: WPTuts

Every designer eventually get a question from his or her client about the WordPress admin area. For newbies, it is a frightening and confusing place – especially when you step out of the comfort of the post editor. What is the blogroll? How do I create menus?

This post from WPTuts shows you how to hide admin area functions that your clients will probably never need to use – thus reducing confusion, and, possibly, helping them avert disaster – accidentally deleting something they shouldn’t have deleted.

2. WordPress Snippets to Work with Social Networks: CatsWhoCode.com

As blogging continues to grow closer with social networks we could all use quick and easy ways to add social updates to the design of our blogs – not just in sidebars or footers. These handy code snippets from Cats Who Code will help you add functionality directly into your blog design; from Facebook’s open graph, to twitter post commenting, google plus updates, and more.

3. 23 Tips for Creating a Mobile WordPress Site: Smashing Hub

Mobile browsing continues to grow each day and having a site that responds to this new browsing need is important. This post shows you 23 tips on making your site more mobile friendly, from design to plugins.

4. WordPress Developer Tools and Plugins: Digging into WordPress

Digging into WordPress is one of the most thorough and well-respected books on the subject of WordPress. From the creators of that book comes a post for WordPress designers and developers with a few tips and resources to help your productivity.

5. WordPress on LinkedIn: Code Poet

Code Poet is an Automattic site – you know – the guys who created WordPress. This post, the shortest one ever on Best in WordPress, lets you in on a little secret where some of the most brilliant minds on the web hangout to discuss anything and everything about WordPress (other than at WPMU.org, that is). That’s right – they’ve got their own little club on LinkedIn, and it’s fairly active. Check it out!

6. What WP Theme is That?

If you’ve found a really great website design and want to know what theme it is running you’re going to love this site – many people do. In fact, we wrote about this cool website once before in this article. Basically, it tells you the name of the theme used by any website running WordPress. We get so many questions and comments from readers – we’ve brought it back by popular demand.

7. jQuery Slider Shock:Responsive Slider: WPMU.org

An addition from our own blog comes in the form of a jQuery powered slider called Slider Shock, which is both a free and premium slider offering. The more basic features in the free version are still impressive. It’s responsive, easy to use, and offers dozens of advanced features. The premium version goes a step further and offers dynamic post content and more.

Let Us Know About Your WordPress Tips and Resources

That’s all for this week. As always, we encourage readers to drop us a line with their favorite WordPress related posts, or to let us know a resource we may have missed.

See you next week!