Magento WordPress Integration 2.0 Released

Magento WordPress Integration 2.0 Released

Over the past year we’ve been following the work of James Kemp who has developed an extension for Single Sign-On For Magento And WordPress as well as a WordPress plugin for integrating the two.

Magento WordPress Integration now has its own website where you can keep up with all the latest news on the project. Version 2.0 was just released with some exciting new features, including:

  • Template functions to easily get blocks – simply enter the block name to get any block from Magento
  • Shortcodes to add products to your WordPress posts/pages (via an add-on)
  • Widgets to display products from any category on your WordPress website (via an add-on)
  • Completely rewritten code structure
  • Multiple store views

If you’ve ever had to work with both WordPress and Magento, you’ll find that this plugin is a lifesaver. Download the latest version of Magento WordPress Integration for free from the WordPress plugin repository.