Defender Gets Fierce New Security Features (Login Masking and Forced Two-factor)

Defender Gets Fierce New Security Features (Login Masking and Forced Two-factor)

Defender is flexing some serious muscle when it comes to protecting WordPress. His layered security toolkit, automated scans and alert notifications are best in class. Plus, with 9.5+ million events (that can’t be modified or deleted by hackers) being logged per day, Defender’s Audit Logging is a one-of-a-kind power feature serious WordPress users can’t live without.

Tens of thousands of sites now depend on Defender as the total security solution, and today we’re excited to announce it now comes packed with forced two-factor verification, login screen masking and a bunch more – 100% free and available now on (and for our Pro users via the Hub)!

Not to mention the special bonus white label feature we tucked in there just for our members.

So let’s pop the top and look at what’s new in Defender 1.8 security, monitoring, and hack protection for WordPress.

Defender Forced Two-Factor Verification

In 1.7 we added Defender’s smash hit two-factor verification. Our users absolutely love his simple integration with Google’s two-factor tool. But when Google announced that over 90% of Gmail users don’t use this simple added layer of security we thought, “there must be a better way!”

Now you can set Defender to enforce the use of two-factor authentication.

Introducing: Forced Two-Factor Verification for WordPress! Defender now comes with the ability to require two-factor verification by user role. We made it *super* easy for you to force users with access to the backend of your site to use this effective security feature. No more *hoping* your staff, team members, writers, editors or subscribes are following best practices. Set Defender to enforce it!

Login Screen Masking

Screen masking is a favorite among security experts. By moving your login screen off the wp-login URL, bots have a much harder time deploying a bruteforce attack. Defender now lets you create a custom login screen extension and moves access to the backend of your site to a unique location.

Mask your login screen for an added layer of security.

This is not only great for security, it also gives you the opportunity to reinforce your brand by giving your site (client sites) a special welcome screen URL.

Pro Member Bonus Feature

Say “Goodbye” to the Defender icon on the two-factor verification screen! Not everyone is as enamored with Defender’s big muscles as we are. ;) So we’ve made it easy to replace the iconic masked security mogul with your custom branding.

Now Defender Pro users can easily add a custom two-factor icon.

Pair this with our Ultimate Branding plugin and you can easily customize and rebrand the entire WordPress login and admin dashboard.

Smart Security For WordPress

You don’t have to be a security expert to give your WordPress site full-scale protection. Defender provides the tools you need for quickly setting up an effective layered security plan. Download Defender for free on to protect your site.

Are you a WordPress power-user who needs more? Try Defender Pro’s hack protected Audit logs, additional scans and automated reporting free for 30-days and get full access to our complete suite of security, performance, SEO and site management tools.

No need to wait. Get started with Defender security!

Can you pinpoint a specific security measure that saved your site from being hacked? What security measures do you take when setting up a new site?


Joshua Josh Dailey is a sales copy and content marketer for WPMU DEV. He built a successful media production and marketing business using WordPress products and services before joining WPMU DEV in 2012.