A Different Approach to Viral Marketing For WordPress Users

A Different Approach to Viral Marketing For WordPress Users

This is Part 3 in a series on viral marketing – have you read Part 1 and Part 2 yet?

Viral marketing on Facebook, Twitter and Google PlusIn the last post, we discussed using a “shock and awe” approach to viral marketing – creating content that spreads across the web by virtue of its sheer entertainment value, and brings volumes of traffic and attention back to your own website.

There’s no question that entertainment will help you go viral, but creating the requisite content is never an easy task.

So now let’s look at a different approach to viral marketing – one which is much easier and more accessible for the average business owner, especially if you’re using WordPress.

Viral Strategy 2: Trade content for popularity

Use Facebook for viral marketing campaignsWhile the “shock and awe” strategy requires highly entertaining or shocking content, with this approach you’ll need something more substantial – content that can help people. Fortunately, helping people is (usually) easier than entertaining them.

You give a little, you get a little – this is the mantra for viral marketing success.

The basic concept

You offer a free resource on your blog or website. It might be an educational eBook, a business report, a voucher for free goods or services . . . you name it. What you offer specifically isn’t too important, as long as it’s valuable to your readers (and doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg).

So you’ve got a freebie available on your site – that’s lovely. All you need to do now is add one little catch: to obtain the freebie, people need to promote your site/blog/business on their social media networks.

Using social media for viral marketingIt’s as simple as trading the freebie for a ‘like’ on Facebook, or a tweet on Twitter, or a +1 on Google. This is where the viral magic begins.


  1. John Smith sees a free eBook available for download on your site. He wants the eBook, and all he has to do to get it is click the ‘like’ button, which will publish a post on his Facebook profile.
  2. John’s friends on Facebook now see that he has liked your product. They venture over to your site in search of their own freebie, which requires all of them to ‘like’ your product too.
  3. With every site visitor who claims your freebie, you get exposure to their whole social media network, which leads to more people claiming the freebie, which leads to more exposure and so on.

It’s a win-win strategy that gives your site visitors something for nothing (all they have to do is click), while exposing your business or blog to hundreds of new people every time someone claims their freebie.

Putting the strategy into action

How to do viral marketingThis is much easier to implement than it might sound. WPMU DEV has released a plugin specifically designed for viral content marketing on the major social media sites. You can your hands on it right here.

All you need is this plugin and a useful freebie on your website, and you’re ready to rock. Now get out there and go viral!

Thanks to Enrique Garcia, Search Engine People, Webtreats and Find Your Search for the images.