SlideDeck 2.1 Update Released with 3 Major New Features

SlideDeck 2.1 Update Released with 3 Major New Features

SlideDeckLike it or not, content sliders are here to stay.

It seems that you cannot browse through more than a few themes on the WordPress directory without seeing a content slider or two. In fairness, there is a good reason for this – sliders look pretty cool. Although us WordPress enthusiasts may get sick of the sight of them because they are so prevalent, the average web surfer is far less sensitive.

Besides, let’s not forget the fact that when implemented well, sliders can be both attractive and functional. And that is where SlideDeck comes in.

Version 2.1

I gave SlideDeck 2 a largely positive review back in March of this year. However, a concern of mine was the cost. At the time, a single license would set you back $79 – more than what a lot of complete themes cost.

Fortunately, as I discussed in my recent SlideDeck 2.1 preview, that issue has now been addressed – with a single license now costing a far more reasonable $49.

And now with the free 2.1 update offered by the folks at Digital Telepathy, surely I only have more good things to say? Well, the short answer is yes.

New Features

For an update that advances the version number just one decimal point, SlideDeck 2.1 packs in some great new features:

  • Multiple content sources in one SlideDeck
  • Custom content SlideDecks (customize your content per slide)
  • HTML slides


In addition to this, Digital Telepathy have integrated a new content source – 500px. If you’re a photography nut, this is very good news.

The new release is clearly aimed at designers (with more complex functionality), but for those of us who are less technically-savvy, SlideDeck hasn’t lost its intuitive edge.

Give it a Spin

If this all sounds rather interesting, you can test the capabilities of SlideDeck with their free public demo. It resets on the hour, every hour, which gives you plenty of time to have a tinker. Enjoy!