11 Twitter Lead Generation Tips for Scoring WordPress Business

11 Twitter Lead Generation Tips for Scoring WordPress Business

To many, Twitter is the scariest and most overwhelming of the social networks. Yet, it is a powerful B2B marketing tool that just about any business should take advantage of – as long as you use it correctly.

We’ve talked about how to use Instagram to generate leads on this blog, but this article will focus instead on using Twitter for lead generation to grow your business. Though very different than Instagram, businesses that use Twitter will benefit from more clickable links and less of a need for every post to be visually appealing.

So here are some solid ideas for using Twitter for lead generation to grow your freelance business.

Develop a Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a cornerstone piece that will help with everything else you’ll be doing with regards to using Twitter for lead generation. A lead magnet is essentially a document, eBook or file you’ll offer to people in exchange for their email addresses. A successful lead magnet features a topic of unique significance to your target market.

If you’re selling WordPress web development services, here are a few suggestions for topics that could make the perfect lead magnet for your potential clients (or will at least give a basis from which to brainstorm topics more relevant to your specific business):

  • How to Choose the Perfect Web Host and Content Management System: or, a document of some sort that covers any common questions for people new to the process of setting up a website. Marketing your lead magnet as an ebook can help to give it more value than the typical person places on a standard blog post.
  • A Website Launch Checklist: or, any type of checklist that can help a potential client plan, implement, or monitor a new web project. Consider working with a graphic designer (if you’re not particularly gifted in the area) to make it look professional.
  • Basic WordPress Setup Videos: or, any type of step-by-step screen capture walkthroughs that demonstrate your ability to help them easily figure out how to solve common issues. Something like this can be instrumental in building trust and demonstrating expertise that will help set you apart from other freelancers vying for their business.

If you’re just getting started and have some time on your hands, you might consider creating a gated content hub with a number of resources that people can only access by subscribing to your email updates.

Create a Landing Page for Your Lead Magnet

Creating a specific landing page for your lead magnet can help to make sure that desired conversions happen. In contrast, a normal page on your website contains multiple links and distractors from the main focus – your lead magnet.

Create a landing page with a compelling headline, brief description of the lead magnet, and a simple email signup form (with just the email field if you can get away with it). By ditching your normal page formatting in place of a menu-less landing page, potential clients will be more likely to focus on the lead magnet, and give you their email address. After successful signup, you can redirect these people back to your main website for further exploration.

Add a CTA to Your Twitter Bio

Using Twitter for Lead Generation
WP Buffs includes a call to action in their bio and cover photo.

The content of your Twitter bio may be another person’s only deciding factor when determining whether to follow you and learn more, or to ignore you completely. As such, it’s important to use it as the powerful marketing piece it really is.

A great Twitter bio reflects the brand’s personality, includes a relevant hashtag or two, and contains a CTA (call to action) for the company’s most important goal. For example, if you’re trying to build your email list, your CTA could encourage people to click on your bio link and sign up for your lead magnet. Or, if you’re selling themes/plugins, it might encourage people to click your link to learn more about these offerings.

If you’re looking for new clients, you could also use your Twitter bio to draw attention to this goal, and encourage interested parties to get in touch. Just be careful to toe the line between being self-promotional and overly salesy.

Pin a Tweet to Your Profile

using twitter for lead generation 2
Patrick Rauland uses the pinned tweet function on Twitter to share a testimonial from a happy student who’s taken his Woocommerce Lynda course.

Like Facebook, Twitter offers the ability to “pin” a tweet to the top of your profile. Like with your Twitter bio, whatever post you choose to pin should reflect one of your company’s biggest goals. After all, your pinned content is your #1 tweet most likely to be seen by new followers and interactions. Everything else tends to get lost in Twitter’s high quantity of posts and the fast-paced nature of the Twitter feed.

Besides trying to accomplish certain goals, your pinned Tweet can help you to draw attention to the latest company news and announcements. For example, it represents the ideal place to promote a new product/service, or encourage followers to read a recently published company blog post. And for each blog post you promote, consider creating a content upgrade (like a lead magnet, but relevant to the specific blog post) that encourages people to trade their email for access.

Find Relevant Twitter Chats

Using Twitter for Lead Generation
#bufferchat is a great place to talk about marketing – and potentially find a new client!

Twitter chats make for the perfect opportunity to network online with potential clients (and grow your following) on Twitter. As with hashtags, you’ll either want to focus on general topics related to digital marketing/web design, or look for chats that operate within your industry niche.

For best results, look for questions ahead of time so that you can schedule your answers before the chat. Doing this will free up your time to focus on interactions that happen organically during a Twitter chat.

To get started, look through TweetReports’ Twitter chat schedule to identify a few topics and timeframes for Twitter chats to put on your calendar.

Automate Tweets

One of the biggest barriers to entry when it comes to using Twitter for lead generation is finding the time and energy to create content. Luckily, there are many tools that exist to make this easier.

The first is a WordPress plugin called Tweetily. Though it hasn’t been updated in over 2 years, this plugin still delivers on the promises it makes to automatically share your blog posts from WordPress to Twitter. Features include the ability to:

  • Automatically add hashtags to posts from your blog
  • Set timing between posts, how many posts per day, etc.
  • Exclude posts or categories (so that you don’t share seasonal content out of season)
using twitter for lead generation
A few of the options for automating Tweets when using the Tweetily plugin.

The second is a social media scheduling tool of sorts called Missinglettr. Missinglettr scans your connected blog URL for new posts, then creates images and text snippets as a unique campaign for each blog post. The end result is a series of 12 posts to be deployed over the next year, once each item has been approved by you.

Besides automating posts, you might consider delegating other interactions. A tool like Jooicer makes it possible to automatically like posts under certain hashtags, or add users to specific lists based on the hashtags they’re using. The former can be useful for growing your following, while the latter can be useful for getting attention at a conference or on a Twitter chat. In either case, the tool duplicates your efforts and frees up time to spend elsewhere on your freelance business.

Some automated actions are easier to see through than others. While you can probably get away with doing these things, you should absolutely never auto direct message another Twitter user–active users on the platform despise this practice.

And although you might be tempted to auto-post from other platforms (like Facebook), don’t. Twitter has a number of different rules with regards to etiquette, hashtag use, and formatting.

Add People to Lists

Twitter lists can serve a variety of functions for your freelance WordPress business. For example, they can help to organize:

  • Prospects to follow up with
  • Experts to build a relationship with
  • Conference attendees to connect with
  • Twitter chat friends
  • Supporters to ask for help when promoting certain types of content

Build Relationships with Influencers

Twitter is a great place to network, which makes it the ideal platform to build relationships with influencers. Create a list of influencers relevant to your specific freelance offerings/industry served, then make sure to interact with them often enough to make your name stand out. This might include actions like retweeting their posts, leaving comments on their blog, and connecting them to awesome Twitter users you know. If you build a strong enough relationship, you’ll be able to tap into that down the line for help promoting some of your own material.

Create a Consistent Content Strategy

After you’ve automated some elements of your tweeting, it’s time to put thought into a more consistent content strategy.

First, create a number of themes to both diversify and standardize the type of content you’ll be posting. For a freelance WordPress business, this might include things like:

  • Customer testimonials
  • Product features
  • Questions for followers (Twitter’s poll function is great for encouraging engagement)
  • Sharing tips that demonstrate your expertise

For each of these themes, it can be helpful to create branded content assets to reuse week over week. Tools like Pablo or Canva can simplify this process, and fill in any gaps you might have regarding simple graphic design. Make sure to watermark the image with your Twitter handle so that if it gets shared, people can follow it back to you.

using twitter for lead generation
Canva provides a number of templates and layouts for easily creating social posts.

Once you’ve created the written copy and corresponding branded images (if applicable), you’ll want to use a scheduling platform like Buffer or Hootsuite for the most efficient use of your time. By knocking out content and scheduling, you’ll be able to batch this personal branding work and make more time for billable hours. An additional benefit of using these tools is access to rich analytics data that can help inform future content creation efforts, and ideal posting times.

A final important consideration for your content strategy is the act of curating content. The aforementioned social media tool Buffer offers a “queue” feature where you can set specific posting times and a daily frequency of posting. Using Buffer’s browser extension, you can easily add articles that speak to your audience as you read them, without having to spend time thinking about when to post them.

Use Hashtags

One-two hashtags are the gold standard on Twitter. No hashtags mean that you’re missing opportunities for organic reach, while 3+ hashtags might signal that you’re desperate for attention. So make sure to follow this guidance to hit the sweet spot.

For a freelance WordPress business, consider hashtags like #WordPress, #webdesign, and #blogging. From there, you might opt to use hashtags specific to the industries/types of customers you serve. A tool like Hashtagify.me can help you identify specific hashtags related to general terms.

Run a Giveaway

Twitter can be an especially effective medium for running a giveaway. Use a platform like Rafflecopter or a plugin like Kingsumo Giveaways to encourage people to tweet about the giveaway for additional entries.

using twitter for lead generation
Kingsumo Giveaways makes it easy to grow your Twitter following.

As with your lead magnet, make sure that the prize for the giveaway is relevant specifically to your audience. So instead of giving away a crowd pleaser like an iPad, consider giving away a prize that showcases your service – like a block of WordPress maintenance hours. For anyone that enters but doesn’t win, you can warm up leads by offering them a small discount on the same featured package.

Use Twitter Ads

Most of the aforementioned ideas using Twitter for lead generation are long-term marketing strategies. But tapping into Twitter ads is a short term, higher cost strategy. Though not as sophisticated as Facebook’s ad platform, Twitter ads can still be incredibly effective in terms of targeting and conversion, with a fair and trackable ROI per desired conversion.

Using Twitter for Lead Generation

There are so many different ways a WordPress freelancer could be using Twitter lead generation. Some methods find success over the short term, others involve a long-term investment. At the end of the day, you get what you put into it, but even an hour of effort each week can result in consistent qualified leads.

Image credit: Kingsumo Image Source.

How are you using Twitter for lead generation? Share any strategies we may have missed in the comments below!

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