WPMU DEV Dashboard Now With Built-in Analytics And Plugin White Labeling

WPMU DEV Dashboard Now With Built-in Analytics And Plugin White Labeling

The WPMU DEV dashboard plugin is currently used on a quarter of a million sites (Wowzas!). And why wouldn’t it? It unlocks better security and performance, backups, one-click installations, automated updates, reports and improved support access.

Some would say it’s the magic behind the magic :)

The WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin works behind the scenes and is hidden to your clients. So it really is like your brands secret sauce running in the background and – making WordPress work better.

Something Super Rad For Account Managers, Resellers, Freelancers and Agencies

We try not to change our Dashboard too often, because we want to keep it lightweight and it just works as is – system information, reports, a connected user experience and secure support access. Nice.

But we came up with a few surprises that we think you’re absolutely going to love… especially our agency users. White label Analytics and the all new WPMU DEV hero hider.

Not Your Mother’s Analytics

Or maybe it is (if your mother is a badass). Now you can activate basic tracking analytics with a single click. No setup. No third-party integrations. No extra plugin. Just turn it on and start tracking.

WPMU DEV Dashboard Plugin activation
Just a simple one-click activation. No third-party integrations needed!

We even made it so you can set which users can see your traffic data from the WordPress dashboard.

Set user role for access to dashboard analytics
It even let’s you set what user roles have access to your analytics.

WPMU DEV analytics tracking not only adds a cool new widget to the WordPress admin dashboard area, but we’re also adding analytics to the Hub. And yes, you’ll also be able to add them in your Hub Reports.

Go try it!

What’s A Hero Hider? I Want One!

Our branding is pretty awesome (thanks design team!), but some of you don’t want your clients to see our happy heroes when they log into your sites.

We’ve started a new project that removes the hero graphics from all our flagship products and gives you the option of even adding in your own custom graphic.

WPMU DEV Hero Image Replacer
Replace all the WPMU DEV branding and hero graphics with your own custom image.

For example, upload your own logo and next time one of your clients log into Smush or Hummingbird they’ll get a personalized experience that makes you look even better.

Smush logo replace
Don’t want to show our Smush hero? Replace it with your rockstar logo!

See what I mean? It’s the magic behind the magic!

This feature is currently already available for Smush and Hummingbird. UX updates for the rest of the team and will be rolled out over the next several months – including Hustle, Defender, Snapshot, and SmartCrawl.

Your WordPress Upgrade Awaits

I can keep you here boasting about our products all day but tbh our 30-day free trial makes this all dribble. Seriously, if you are interested in automating the management of your WordPress sites and want the *best* WordPress support in the world, get started free.

Or get a feel for our quality and service with our free plugins and services on WordPress.org

You’re gonna love it. Promise.

Have you already updated the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin on your site? What other features would you like to see? Remember, keep it lightweight ;)


Joshua Joshua has been a marketing strategist, designer, and digital content producer for the past 15 years. After managing content for one of the world's largest WordPress blogs and curating content for their millions of monthly readers, he returned to his startup roots, launching and promoting new products and consulting for businesses looking to grow.