All WPMU DEV products and services are subscription-based, so we accept only credit card payments.

Stripe logo

Stripe is our default payment gateway, but you can use any of the additional payment methods detailed below which may appear depending on the device and browser you’re using at checkout.

Note that we cannot accept payments via PayPal as they do not allow subscriptions to be modified, which is necessary when upgrading/downgrading your membership or hosting plan, purchasing addons, etc.

11.1 Alternate Payment Methods

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Google Pay logo

Google Pay – A Google Pay button will appear at checkout if you are using Chrome and have a saved payment card in the Google account you’re logged into, or have an activated Google Pay card on the mobile device you’re using. Note that this requires Chrome 61 or newer.

Apple Pay logo

Apple Pay – An Apple Pay button will appear at checkout if you’re using an iPhone running iOS 10.1 or newer, with a card in its Wallet paired to your Mac with Handoff, or a Mac with TouchID running macOS Sierra or newer.

Microsoft Pay logo

Microsoft Pay – A Microsoft Pay button will appear if you’re using Microsoft Edge 16.16299 or newer and have a saved payment card in your Microsoft account.

11.2 Example Use of Alternate Payment Method

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As an example, let’s look at how the Google Pay option works.

When you get to the payment screen during any WPMU DEV checkout, the available optional payment method will appear as a button above the default Stripe payment form.

Google Pay button at checkout

Clicking that button pops open a modal window where you can select the card to use for your payment.

Select credit card to use with Google Pay

If you don’t yet have a card set up in your Google account, you can add one right at that step.

Add credit card to use with Google Pay

Once you’ve selected the card you want to use, click the Pay button to make your payment. The page will refresh and you’ll be automatically redirected to your Hub, and logged-in if you weren’t already.

Your selected credit card will be added to your WPMU DEV account as your preferred card, and will be used for all subsequent subscription payments. If you need to change to a different card, you can do that on your Account page in the Payments section. The change will take effect upon the next subscription renewal payment.

Credit card info on Account page