Are You a WordPress Black Belt? Test Your Skills Right Here

Are You a WordPress Black Belt? Test Your Skills Right Here

Test your WordPress skills with these questions from WPMU readersAs many of you are no doubt aware, for the past couple of months we’ve been running a kind of Question and Answer forum here at

We’ve been asking our readers to send in questions about WordPress, and every few days we have selected the most interesting submissions and published them here on the blog. The wise WordPress geniuses among our readership have then pitched in with their own answers and suggestions.

The Q & A sessions are still running, by the way, so if you haven’t taken part yet, please submit your own WordPress question here. (You can win free stuff!)

So, are you a WordPress Black Belt?

Fancy yourself a bit of a WP rockstar? Here’s a little Monday Morning Challenge for you. Have a look through this list of questions – all submitted by WPMU readers – and see how many you can answer.

Each link opens the original article. If you think you have an answer, please leave a comment at the end of each post and let us know.

Good luck! If you can answer more than ten of these, then you could very possibly be a WordPress Black Belt.

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