Thursday’s WordPress Question – Calling All Ninjas!

Thursday’s WordPress Question – Calling All Ninjas!

This week we’ve been gathering interesting WordPress questions from our readers and publishing the best of them on the blog, in the hope that some of you folk in the WPMU community can offer a solution.

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WordPress Ninja! Your time is now.

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Today’s WordPress Question

This was submitted to us by Edgar, a WPMU reader and Multisite user:

I do a lot of development locally, and I have a WordPress Multisite installation which is already live.

What is the best method for moving a locally developed site into a subdomain of my Multisite installation? While keeping any downtime or technical issues to a bare minimum.


Edgar needs your help!

Who out there in the WPMU community can help Edgar with this? If you have any ideas or suggestions, please leave a comment below this article and let us know what you think. We’re looking for some creative thinking from you WP hotshots, and we’ll be publishing the best answers next week. Check out our reader-submitted questions from Tuesday and Wednesday too – the more answers we can get, the better.

Don’t forget to submit a WordPress question for your chance to win a three month membership at WPMU DEV, valued at $159. What’s more, you’ll have a whole crowd of WordPress experts throwing solutions at you. Not a bad deal!

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