Your WPMU DEV Q4 Roadmap Round-up Is Here (And It’s Pure Magic)

Your WPMU DEV Q4 Roadmap Round-up Is Here (And It’s Pure Magic)

We are already entering the last quarter of 2018…WOWZA! That means it’s time for our quarter 4 roadmap round-up.

We just got done celebrating our mega release of Forminator (plot twist, it’s completely free on and our attention is 100% on delivering the big four as an early Christmas present for our users!

What are the big four? I want that!

This year we promised four major releases based on member feedback from our 2017 end of year survey. Two down and two to go…but the last two are almost ready!

If you’re keeping score:

  • White label client and developer reports for the Hub – done and done.
  • A brilliant form builder plugin – say hellloo to Forminator (and it’s completely free).
  • Site migration for WordPress…that doesn’t suck – Shipper is in QA and nearly ready for the big time.
  • It’s a secret – You’ll just have to trust me when I say it’s *big* and it will be ready before the new year…so be sure and keep a bottle of champagne on hand. It’s a cork-popper.

And of course, that’s not all we have in the pipeline. So today we dazzle and delight you with our quarterly highlight release notes and a round-up of what we have in the works for the end of 2018.

Forminator 1.6 (Facebook Official)

Forminator featured image
Forminator is now available on

It’s official! Our new form, poll and quiz builder is now available for everyone both on WPMU DEV and

The GDPR and Gutenberg ready forms, interactive polls and quizzes, live submission results, built-in app integrations, and signature WPMU DEV interface has surprised form enthusiasts everywhere. But the big news is the Forminator API.

With Forminator available to millions of users on and the included free developer API, you can start making money developing your own extensions.

So now what?

We’re working on finishing touches for the Forminator builder. It includes improved styles and an all around upgrade to form creation.

One of our first user requests (besides the obvious calculator and payment gateway modules which are already in the works) was the ability to group fields. That will be bundled in 1.6.

We’re also making your forms fully functional in preview mode. You’ll be able to look at them and test them in real-time.

And of course, a bunch of little bug fixes you’ve reported along the way.

Hustle 3.0.5 (It’s not Déjà vu)

Hustle Roadmap Featured image
Hustle makes marketing and conversion optimization easy with pop-ups, slide-ins, opt-ins and social sharing tools.

We announced our ambitious line up last quarter and Hustle 3.0.5 released just in time for us to brag.

As promised, Hustle now comes with more privacy controls, new subscription display conditions, Feedblitz integration, performance improvements and a bunch of UX updates.

As a bonus, we worked in an import/export tool upgrade. Now you can pick and choose what pop-ups, slide-ins, opt-ins or social shares to include when moving them from site-to-site. Move everything or just one.

Where to next? The pipeline is rich with integrations, UX upgrades and more…but we’re especially excited to be working on opening up Hustle development with a full power API.

Hooray for open development!

Ultimate Branding 3.0 (or should I say, Branda!)

Branda featured image roadmap
Ultimate branding gets a style upgrade. Welcome Branda!

Update: 02/19/2019 Ultimate Branding got a superhero upgrade. Welcome Branda 3.0 with refactored code, an all new UI/UX, new style templates, and bulk module controls.


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Update: 06/20/2020 Branda can now be downloaded for free! Get it here.

It’s Ultimate Branding’s turn at a Superhero makeover!

Branda is everything you love about Ultimate Branding – but with a style upgrade and a leaner code base.

Complete every site with a white-labeled WordPress dashboard, custom login screens, logos, and colors, simple coming soon, countdown, and maintenance mode modules and branded system emails.

And Branda is taking rebranding up a notch. She’s getting a whole new user interface, 3 new fresh login templates (because it’s almost 2019 and time for some style), a better way to share styles across sites and better documentation.

Not to pick favorites, but Branda is kind of a big deal. Simple and fresh style for your entire site from start to finish…it’s the first plugin you’ll install on every site.

Defender 2.1

Defender featured image for
Secure and monitor your sites with the keen watchful eye of Defender.

Not surprising, but next to Smush, Defender Pro is our most installed plugin on client sites. Who doesn’t want a more secure site?

But we don’t just want to protect WordPress, we want Defender to be the easiest most user-friendly security and monitoring plugin for WordPress.

2.1 continues to deepen our toolset and simplify setup.

Defender will now let you block users based on geolocation. More protection for everyone.

We’re also refining defenders reports to make them more understandable for the average reader…like me :)

Defender is also getting special report notifications that will alert you when a security tweak needs fixing.

Smush 3.0 (CDN & Resizing)

Smush 3.0 is gonna be fire!

Last quarter Smush got a few new feature boosts including Gutenberg block integration, a slick UX upgrade and extra control over the directory Smush.

Now, 3.0 is just around the corner and we’re looking to close the year with something extra special for the queen of optimization.

Smush is getting her own CDN!

I love fancy acronyms…but if you don’t know what that is, Smush will store a copy of your images and deliver them for you from multiple data centers around the world. In short, you get faster load times using less bandwidth.

And for the crème de la crème, Smush brings image resize and detect. Say goodbye to image resize warnings on your PageSpeed test.

More, More, More…We Got More…

Thanks to you, our public facing roadmap has changed the way we develop – better products and ready for real-world applications out of the gate.

Who knows, maybe you have the next big idea for WPMU DEV? Click here to tell us what you want to see us working on, we read and evaluate every request…promise.

And with everything we’re serving up, if you aren’t already a WPMU DEV member, it’s time! Grab a 30-day free trial here.

P.S. Members keep your eyes peeled for #4…it’s coming soon…and you’re gonna love it. #corkpopper :)

Tell us your ideas in the comments below or send in your feature requests using the Q4 feature request form.

Aileen Javier

Aileen Javier A past writer for WPMU DEV