This usage guide explains how to view and use the Logs available with your WPMU DEV  Hosting account.

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The Logs for any WPMU DEV hosted site is located under the Logs tab of that site’s Hosting manager.

Hosting dashboard logs tab

There are five log types, each with its own tab:

  • PHP Error Log
  • Access Log
  • Slow Log
  • WAF Log
  • Audit Log

The Logs menu allows you to navigate between the available reports. Use the search icon to search the selected log. Use the Production/Staging caret to switch between Production and Staging logs, and the Refresh button to view the most up-to-date information.

WPMU DEV hosting error log

Logs show the last 100 entries from the selected log. WPMU DEV stores logs for the past 7-days, but you can access all available logs using the download module or view them over SSH/SFTP as described below in the Download section.

10.1.1 Download

Link to chapter 1

Clicking the Download button opens the Export Log Files module, where you can configure a log report using data from the past seven days.


Choose the environment– production or staging– for which you want to create a report, and then the logs you wish to include in that report.

Add the email address to which the report should be sent. Multiple email addresses, separated by commas, can be added.

Click Export to gather and export your selected reports or Cancel to close without sending. When the report is complete, a success notice will appear with a download link.

Log download success message

An email containing a download link also will be sent to the included email addresses. Click that link to download the report.


The PHP Error log tracks error messages for wrong syntax or wrong logic.

WPMU DEV PHP error log

Here is a list of PHP Errors tracked in the PHP Error log.

  • E_ERROR – This is a fatal error that is causing scripts to fail
  • E_WARNING – This is a run-time warning that does not cause your scripts to fail
  • E_PARSE – Compile-time parse error
  • E_CORE_ERROR – A fatal error that occurs during installation
  • E_CORE_WARNING – Warnings that occur during the initial startup of PHP
  • E_COMPILE_ERROR – Fatal compile-time error is caused when there is a problem with your script
  • E_USER_ERROR – Error message generated by the user
  • E_USER_WARNING – Warning message generated by the user
  • E_USER_NOTICE – Notice message generated by the user
  • E_STRICT – Run-time notice
  • E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR – A a potentially dangerous fatal error that can be caught and fixed

If you are not familiar with PHP errors or need help resolving issues on your site, contact our 24/7 live support.

The access log is a list of requests for individual files people or bots have requested from your website. This log includes:

  • IP address
  • Date and time
  • Content requested
  • Browser and version performing a request

WPMU DEV access log

The Slow Log tracks queries that exceed a predefined time limit making it easy to find inefficient or time-consuming queries. For WPMU DEV hosting the predefined time is 30 seconds.

The log flags the date, time, and script filename.

WPMU DEV slow log

Web Application Firewall (WAF) logs are available if the WAF is activated, which can be accomplished under the tools tab.

When active, the WPMU DEV WAF has a custom set of rules that sits before traffic hits your WordPress site to help monitor and filter out attacks and malicious traffic.

The WAF Log includes:

  • Date and Time of flag
  • IP address
  • Requested file
  • Details about the matched rule – In this section, you can click the Tools > Web Application Firewall link to pop open the WAF Firewall settings. There, you can add your IP address to the IP Allowlist field or disable the rule by pasting the rule ID in the Disabled Rule Ids field.

For more information about configuring your WAF, check our Web Application Firewall (WAF) documentation.

WPMU DEV WAF log details

The Audit Log is a list of every action or change made to your website hosting.

This includes a note with the action and the user that performed the action.

WPMU DEV audit log

Logs are helpful for troubleshooting issues, blocking attacks, finding vulnerabilities, and much more. Please start a chat with our support team if there is anything in your logs that you aren’t sure about or need help understanding.

Our support team is available 24/7 through live chat.