This document details known issues with 3rd-party plugins or services used in conjunction with our hosting, and provides solutions or workarounds where possible. It is an ongoing project and information about any additional 3rd-party issues will be added as needed.

The Query Monitor plugin adds a file named db.php which gets symlinked into your wp-content directory when the plugin is activated. The file provides extended functionality such as logging the query result and a full stack trace for all database queries.

In some site/server configurations, it may not be possible to directly create that file, so the plugin documentation on github provides WP-CLI and command-line options to manually create it if needed.

However, the command-line option as noted in that document will not work on WPMU DEV hosting as it uses an absolute file path.

If you do need to use the command line option to get that file created on your WPMU DEV hosted site, you’d want to adjust it to use a path relative to the wp-content directory instead, like so:

cd site/public_html/wp-content
ln -sr plugins/query-monitor/wp-content/db.php db.php